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Cheryl Miller

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  • City: Sandy
  • State: Utah
  • Country: United States Of America
  • Customer in: Retail & Services
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Kinemetrix wrote a review
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Reviewed October 30, 2020


When my guy arrived to do his work she had several workman there doing various jobs. When he was finished, she claimed she couldn't pay him as she was out of checks. He called several times with no response and finally gave it to me (the business owner) to try to collect. After several called and visits to her house she finally answered the door and said she was filing for bankruptcy... Read More

  • I interacted with Cheryl Miller in October 2019 while on duty in my company Grout Doctor where I work as a Franchise owner. Grout Doctor's industry sector is Retail & Services (Tile, grout and natural stone restoration). It operates in Sandy, Utah, United States of America.

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