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  • "Very nice and good experience!"

    I served the lead singer of Bowling for Soup back in the early 2000s when the band was bigger. He was very nice and called me sweetheart, so it was a good experience!

    As shared by u/DiabolicalDee from Reddit.

  • "Justin Bieber threw a phone at me"

    Justin Bieber visited our store in London. We didn't have the particular case he wanted so he threw a fit. He started shouting, swearing and threatened to knock over all our displays, and because this was the electronics section, this was hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of stock.

    I asked him to leave and that's when he threw a phone case at me. Security eventually had to escort him out. This is not the kind of behaviour that is... Read More

  • "Great tool for speed learning"

    This channel offers great resources from various creators to learn quickly about a wide range of topics. Definitely recommended!

  • "Worth having a look"

    That’s a cool YouTube channel. Beside the YouTube analysis, the “Internet Mysteries” series is pretty interesting. That’s a YouTube whose work is easy to recommend. The only downside may be that there are many partnerships for stuff that may not interest you, but hey, a YouTuber’s got to live! It’s good quality and obviously researched content. You should definitely give it a try.

  • "Not only a great writer, a great personality "

    We love Stephen King’s books, his novels, his short stories - and even his film (Maximum Overdrive). This man is a great writer and by far the most popular one of the past century.

    But reading King doesn’t have to be limited to books: he’s also quite active on Twitter. That’s in that regard that we consider him to be a good influence on the public debate.

    For that reason, whether you like his books or his take on the modern world, we definitely recommend following Stephen King!

  • "Honestly, this guy is impressive"

    Ok, maybe Arnold did some mistakes in his life but, seriously, what a life he led! Today, he's advocating social distancing and wearing masks, and being a voice of no-nonsense in the hard times brought by the coronavirus pandemic. If it were for that only, he'd totally get our respect. Go Schwarzenegger!

  • "A great YouTube channel"

    Kurzgesagt is one of our favourite channel: their videos are interesting, well-documented and easy to follow thanks to a nice animation job. Definitely something to recommend for people willing to discover about the great questions of our time - at least on the science level.

    They mainly focus on physics, exploring topics linked to space and the universe, but not only. They will often talk about biology, cognitive science and even... Read More

  • "Not the real SpongeBob"

    Well, we can understand disappointment, but with a name like that, we’d expect better. There’s one sentence (from spongebobsquarepants’ unique review) that sums it all for us:

    “I would normally leave $2/day for tip, but by Thursday, we were down to $1.”

    Ok, Spongebob... That sounds more like something Squiwdward would say, no? And it’s not finished:

    “By Sunday... Read More

  • "Sweet, super sweet"

    One thing we like about this app is just searching random names. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s scary, sometimes annoying... and sometimes uncanny. That’s what we felt stumbling upon Merlot’s profile.

    First thing, it’s old... the two contributions are from 2004 and 2005. Merlot talks about her and her kids, giving their age (9, 11 and going 40). It’s uncanny thinking now these people are 16 years older. They probably forgot about their... Read More

  • "Sending love everywhere!"

    With an average rating of 4.95(!!) over their last 20 reviews, TripAdvisor reviewer @vino is full of love.

    That’s heartwarming to see someone so positive and wholesome in the reviews they post. Definitely seeing life on the bright side.

    We love it and for sure grant him a 100% trust score for being so nice. In @vino veritas!

  • "Wow, this is THE Reviewer"

    Ok, this person is not to be messed with. There's the name ("The" Reviewer) and there's the deed. If this reviewer feels they have to, they will review like there's no tomorrow. That's actually quite impressive. Rarely had we seen a reviewer taking their duty so seriously. It feels like TheReviewer is here on a mission and no one is allowed to mess with it.

    That being said, the career of TheReviewer has seemingly long lived. Their last... Read More

  • "Cool reviewer and nice recommendation "

    With a username like that, @rodsterling had to live up to the legend... which he absolutely did! Through his one and only review, which dates back from 2009, he recommends a cool cinema that I would like to visit myself. To quote him:

    “[This theater is] the anti-googleplex, feeling more like a high IQ pajama party. Check it out. You'll have a good time.”

    Right on, dude, I’d definitely do if I was around (and if... Read More

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