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  • "A Karen of a customer"

    Sarah behave like a complete jerk. Demanding, annoying, rude, impolite. That’s the kind of customers you don’t want. She threw a tantrum for the most ridiculous reason. The embodiment of the "Karen" stereotype. I absolutely do not recommend having this woman as a client.

  • "Charged back her rental even without fault on our part"

    Marilou Cruz booked a car to our company for May 7, 2021. She wasn't able to come because of the travel ban. We offered her a non expiring travel fund for the 20% confirmation deposit that she paid (even though our normal policy is no refund for late cancellation, but we understood it's not her fault).

    Despite that, she made a chargeback to her bank to get back her deposit, without even contacting us. So now, even though we are... Read More

  • "Deadbeat"

    When my guy arrived to do his work she had several workman there doing various jobs. When he was finished, she claimed she couldn't pay him as she was out of checks. He called several times with no response and finally gave it to me (the business owner) to try to collect. After several called and visits to her house she finally answered the door and said she was filing for bankruptcy. I never got a notification of the bankruptcy but you'd have to provide me some... Read More

  • "Very nice and good experience!"

    I served the lead singer of Bowling for Soup back in the early 2000s when the band was bigger. He was very nice and called me sweetheart, so it was a good experience!

    As shared by u/DiabolicalDee from Reddit.

  • "Great channel"

    I love this channel talking about video games and cinemas. The AVGN is one of the best character from the early days of YouTube. Still a lot of fun to watch today!

  • "Looks like Twitter got rid of Trump "

    Ahah, he probably deserved it. Worst president to date of the USA. Donald will now make his own social media network. That should be interesting. Can’t wait to see it!

  • "Great tool for speed learning"

    This channel offers great resources from various creators to learn quickly about a wide range of topics. Definitely recommended!

  • "Worth having a look"

    That’s a cool YouTube channel. Beside the YouTube analysis, the “Internet Mysteries” series is pretty interesting. That’s a YouTube whose work is easy to recommend. The only downside may be that there are many partnerships for stuff that may not interest you, but hey, a YouTuber’s got to live! It’s good quality and obviously researched content. You should definitely give it a try.

  • "Not the real SpongeBob"

    Well, we can understand disappointment, but with a name like that, we’d expect better. There’s one sentence (from spongebobsquarepants’ unique review) that sums it all for us:

    “I would normally leave $2/day for tip, but by Thursday, we were down to $1.”

    Ok, Spongebob... That sounds more like something Squiwdward would say, no? And it’s not finished:

    “By Sunday... Read More

  • "Sweet, super sweet"

    One thing we like about this app is just searching random names. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s scary, sometimes annoying... and sometimes uncanny. That’s what we felt stumbling upon Merlot’s profile.

    First thing, it’s old... the two contributions are from 2004 and 2005. Merlot talks about her and her kids, giving their age (9, 11 and going 40). It’s uncanny thinking now these people are 16 years older. They probably forgot about their... Read More

  • "Sending love everywhere!"

    With an average rating of 4.95(!!) over their last 20 reviews, TripAdvisor reviewer @vino is full of love.

    That’s heartwarming to see someone so positive and wholesome in the reviews they post. Definitely seeing life on the bright side.

    We love it and for sure grant him a 100% trust score for being so nice. In @vino veritas!

  • "Wow, this is THE Reviewer"

    Ok, this person is not to be messed with. There's the name ("The" Reviewer) and there's the deed. If this reviewer feels they have to, they will review like there's no tomorrow. That's actually quite impressive. Rarely had we seen a reviewer taking their duty so seriously. It feels like TheReviewer is here on a mission and no one is allowed to mess with it.

    That being said, the career of TheReviewer has seemingly long lived. Their last... Read More

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