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  • "Didnt pay"

    This customer originally called me to fix her soaker tub(not draining) and the faucet(leaking). I fixed that and had it back together and to make a long story short, that last plumber screwed up and she got flooded and she asked if i could do anything else. I told her I do everything except electrical and she asked me if I would put back together her entire downstairs kitchen and I said yes. The shit originally started when she told me she wanted new sheetrock blah blah blah... Read More

  • "Online credit card and mail fraudster"

    Doina Cocos is an online credit card and mail fraudster. Doina Cocos made a purchase on of totaling over $506.45 on December 2011, and has filed chargeback claiming she didn't make the purchase, yet, the package was signed by Doina Cocos at her shipping address with delivery proof. After getting caught on her scam, she refuses to answer her phone and email, simply disappeared with the handbags and the money. We warn anyone doing business with Doina Cocos, she is a dishonest thief who committed credit card fraud and mail fraud online and will do it again.

  • "Blocked our check"

    We are general contractors. We were hired to paint a pergola. This was a one day job. When we completed the job the husband of above paid for the work with a check and walked us to our cars. We were contacted the next day with complaints about the job. We were asked to come fix two things that we didn\'t even touch. She then placed a stop payment on the check and refuses to pay for the job.

  • "Beware of Kiran Gulati and family"

    All other Restaurants be ware of the Shreela Goel Family. Customer was rude, had "0+" disrespect toward staff. Was demanding and now threatening to dispute charges of 14 people dining at our establishment calming we overcharged them. These type of customers are truly a shame to their own race and heritage.

  • "Demanding and dishonest customer"

    Please keep in mind that our hotel is a economy budget friendly hotel. A Guest checks in using a travelers coupon. The hotel coupon does state at the very bottom, coupon is based on availability, allowing the hotel to accept the coupon if the room is available for discounts. Upon check-in, the guest is greeted with a smile as any other guest would be. This guest however comes in very grumpy, during the check in process, he is already complaining. He didn't like the... Read More

  • "Big fan"

    I love his content. Keep going, MrBallen!

  • "Not accurate"

    I find it not accurate at all. The places he described either changed its name or is not available anymore, but what he wrote is not reliable. Meh!

  • "Not the real SpongeBob"

    Well, we can understand disappointment, but with a name like that, we’d expect better. There’s one sentence (from spongebobsquarepants’ unique review) that sums it all for us:

    “I would normally leave $2/day for tip, but by Thursday, we were down to $1.”

    Ok, Spongebob... That sounds more like something Squiwdward would say, no? And it’s not finished:

    “By Sunday... Read More

  • "Sweet, super sweet"

    One thing we like about this app is just searching random names. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s scary, sometimes annoying... and sometimes uncanny. That’s what we felt stumbling upon Merlot’s profile.

    First thing, it’s old... the two contributions are from 2004 and 2005. Merlot talks about her and her kids, giving their age (9, 11 and going 40). It’s uncanny thinking now these people are 16 years older. They probably forgot about their... Read More

  • "Sending love everywhere!"

    With an average rating of 4.95(!!) over their last 20 reviews, TripAdvisor reviewer @vino is full of love.

    That’s heartwarming to see someone so positive and wholesome in the reviews they post. Definitely seeing life on the bright side.

    We love it and for sure grant him a 100% trust score for being so nice. In @vino veritas!

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