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Reviewed May 01, 2023

Demanding and dishonest customer

Please keep in mind that our hotel is a economy budget friendly hotel. A Guest checks in using a travelers coupon. The hotel coupon does state at the very bottom, coupon is based on availability, allowing the hotel to accept the coupon if the room is available for discounts. Upon check-in, the guest is greeted with a smile as any other guest would be. This guest however comes in very grumpy, during the check in process, he is already complaining. He didn't like the fact that he was asked for hid Driver's License. Front Desk explained to him that every guest that checks-into this hotel, has to provide a valid Government issued ID of themselves. HE did not like that. Front desk clerk at the very end of the check-in process stated to him that his check out time would be at 11AM. He started to complain that he could read the information displayed on the board and that he did not need a young student to tell him his check out time. Approximately two-hours later, he comes to the front desk and starts to complain about his room. He states that he does not like his room. When the front desk clerk asked him what was wrong with his room, he could not and would not in anyway be specific and state any issues, all he said was he is just not happy. So the front desk clerk stated to him that he would have no problem changing his room for him or possibly checking him out with a refund so he could find a room elsewhere. The guest responds back stating he will just stay the night. Another hour passes, and he asks for a telephone number to the nearest pizza restaurant that delivers. SO the front desk as a courtesy gives him two, one for Papa Johns and one for Pizza hut. He immediately starts to complain and yell at the front desk clerk, stating that he only asked for one, and that he couldn't believe the front desk clerk even has a job at this hotel and cant follow orders. Later on that night, the guest calls back down again, stating he is not happy with the room. He is not complaining to the night auditor is on shift at the time. The night auditor then asks, what problems or issues is he dealing with in the room. Guest replies that he is not happy with the room overall and started to question why the hotel employees are asking for a reason, and that shouldn't be ok that the guest is just not happy? At the very end of his statement, he stated that he will be seeking for compensation at check out. Well the next morning, dealing with the hotel front desk manager, the guest does not state anything wrong with the room, just that he is not happy. When asked why he did not just check out last night, he stated that he was to tired. He then asked for a late check out and a discount on his room. Front desk manager then asked him in confusion, why he wanted to have a late check out and why did he continue to stay in the hotel if he is and was not happy with the hotel in the first place. He then argued back, that he is seeking a full refund now because he is being questioned. The FDM explains to the guest that since he did stay the entire night even though he was offered an option to check out, he can not receive a full refund. The FDM offered $10.00 back and the guest replied that this is not what he was looking for but he will accept this discount. Later that day, the same guest goes and complains to the corporate office of the hotel stating he is no longer happy with the $10.00 discount. He now insists that the hotel refund him all of his money and also purchase him a room at his next hotel that he will be staying at on his next trip. He also said that, he doesnt receive this from the hotel, he threatened to post bad multiple reviews of hotel which would potentially cost the hotel future customers. This man is a complete cheat. The corporate office has records that he has complained like this 17 times in the past year. He is no longer allowed to check in into any Choice Hotels or Wyndham Hotels. This man is a scam artist who tries to get things for free by complaining. He will threaten to dispute the charges on his Southwest Airlines Credit Card or post bad reviews to lure business managers and owners to compensate him. Please keep this mans name listed on your management systems and flag him is a bad guest and cheat!!

  • I interacted with Mark Hubbard while working in the Retail & Services industry sector (Hotel).