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Martin McVicar

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  • City: Allen
  • State: Texas
  • Country: United States Of America
  • Customer in: Retail & Services
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ratemycostumers wrote a review
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Reviewed May 01, 2023


Here is only one of the MANY negative postings this man has scattered anywhere on the net to try to hurt our business and the reply we posted to try and soften his intended dammage per his rage and unmerited suspicions:
by MartinM 02/22/2011
Took my truck in to get a wheel bearing replaced. Bob called me several hours later to tell me that both he and a tech test drove the truck and didn't hear any issues with the wheel bearing. I told them to go ahead and replace it... Read More

  • I interacted with Martin McVicar while working in the Retail & Services industry sector.

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