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Updated 2 months ago

Cinemassacre @angrynintendonerd

  • Youtube Influencer Stats
  • Channel: Youtube
  • Subscribers: 3,580,000
  • Videos: 1,762
  • Views: 2,011,702,637
  • Description: "Cinemassacre creates reviews and comedy shows about video games and movies, including: the Angry Video Game Nerd, Monster Madness, You Know What's BS, Movie Reviews, and more! If you would like to contact us about brand deals or other inquiries contact the email below."
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  • Recommendation Level: 100%
  • Reviewed: 1 time

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Rebolio App wrote a review
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Reviewed April 15, 2021

Great channel

I love this channel talking about video games and cinemas. The AVGN is one of the best character from the early days of YouTube. Still a lot of fun to watch today!

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Trust Score: 100%

Reviewed: 1 time

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