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Marilou Cruz

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  • City: Daly City
  • State: California
  • Country: United States Of America
  • Customer in: Retail & Services
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Vito wrote a review
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Reviewed April 03, 2022 (updated about 2 months ago)

Charged back her rental even without fault on our part

Marilou Cruz booked a car to our company for May 7, 2021. She wasn't able to come because of the travel ban. We offered her a non expiring travel fund for the 20% confirmation deposit that she paid (even though our normal policy is no refund for late cancellation, but we understood it's not her fault).

Despite that, she made a chargeback to her bank to get back her deposit, without even contacting us... Read More

  • I interacted with Marilou Cruz in May 2021 while working as a Customer Support in the Retail & Services industry sector (Car and Motorbike Rentals).

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