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  • Location: Colorado, United States of America
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Reviewed May 01, 2023


Customer was given a estimate that was very detailed, she signed and approved it! when we showed to do the windows she was outraged that we were not doing all her windows for the price quoted. The estimate was very detailed on locations of the windows etc. and a 12 year old could understand it. She stated she is a single mother and didn't have time to go through the estimate and she assumed. It was a difference of thousands of dollars. So there was that which was resolved after a lot of arguing. It has been a schedualing nightmare with her, we left her messages and she would never call back, then turn around and act like it was our fault the job kept being pushed back. She has been rude to all of my office staff and service techs, i had my company put down to my face that we are the worst company she has ever dealt with, she is a liar, and a all around horrible, and not understanding about anything. She has made complaints about things that are not in our control. Please the list goes on and on with this women and she WILL cost your company money. AVOID HER BUISNESS AT ALL COST YOU WILL NOT REGRET THE LOSS.

  • I interacted with Christina Larson while working in the Retail & Services industry sector.