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  • Location: Beverly Hills, California, United States of America
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Reviewed April 15, 2021 (updated 6 months ago)

Justin Bieber threw a phone at me

Justin Bieber visited our store in London. We didn't have the particular case he wanted so he threw a fit. He started shouting, swearing and threatened to knock over all our displays, and because this was the electronics section, this was hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of stock.

I asked him to leave and that's when he threw a phone case at me. Security eventually had to escort him out. This is not the kind of behaviour that is expected in Harrods.

(This happened to someone else but we thought it would be interesting to share it here. This is based on the account by Reddit user u/JurgenKloppisGod.)

  • I interacted with Justin Drew Bieber in July 2016 while on duty in my company Harrods. Harrods's industry sector is Retail & Services (Department Store). It operates in London.