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Rebolio wrote a review
Do you trust this reviewer? I'm not sure
Reviewed July 19, 2020 (updated almost 2 years ago)

Wow, this is THE Reviewer

Ok, this person is not to be messed with. There's the name ("The" Reviewer) and there's the deed. If this reviewer feels they have to, they will review like there's no tomorrow. That's actually quite impressive. Rarely had we seen a reviewer taking their duty so seriously. It feels like TheReviewer is here on a mission and no one is allowed to mess with it.

That being said, the career of TheReviewer has seemingly long lived. Their last review dates from 2009. What happened? It looked like such a promising destiny. Like a cowboy exploring the farwest of the Internet of the early 2000's, TheReviewer had everything to become a legend.